About Us

eChannelling is the process through which you can seek out the exact medical help you require without ever needing to step out of your house. Our user-friendly systems allow you to determine the most suitable medical professional available to you while also enabling you to book your appointments with ease.

Here at eChannelling, we are dedicated to making your trip to the doctor effortless. For over two decades, we have been the bridge builders between the public and the medical services they need. By revolutionizing Sri Lankan healthcare and bringing it right to your fingertips, we aim to serve you and your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible from anywhere within the country.

With over 260+ hospitals in both Private, Public, and Ayurvedic fields, you will be able to access 5500+ medical professionals and over 2,000 channeling agents. In addition to that, we have partnered with various banks, post offices, pharmacies and even supermarkets to reach you, even in the most rural of places. Through our comprehensive yet easy-to-use systems, we will always be only a few taps away.

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