Your fury friend is better than any pharmacological drug. Most, or at least many, have had a friendly companion in their life in the form of a pet. Dogs have integrity sometimes lacking in humans. They are loyal, loving, caring furry beings. There are numerous health benefits of having a dog. They are, in their own right, four-legged psychiatrists.

Dogs are known to:

  • Bust stress
  • Boost memory in dementia patients
  • Enhance cardiovascular fitness
  • Reduce high blood pressure

They are extremely well trainable, loyal, and trustworthy companions to humans. Dogs are used as service companions to patients with anxiety, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s dementia, and patients with disabilities/rehabilitation, assisting them with long-term care and activities of daily living.

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease have shown increased calmness and improved social interactions when they receive visits from dogs. These four-legged canines boost dopamine and endorphin levels in the human body, leading to feelings of happiness. Furthermore, they help decrease cortisol levels, which are responsible for stress. Early exposure to pets during infancy in humans helps reduce allergies, wheezing, and asthma.

The symbiotic relationship, to a certain degree, between humans and dogs causes humans to exercise more, as dog themselves require exercise. This helps to build better cardiovascular fitness and immunity. The array of health benefits of caring for and raising a pet dog is substantial to the wellbeing and wellness of any human. These pawed beings have helped extend the lives of the sick as well as the healthy.

In conclusion, a dog, or any pet for that matter, can derail your unhealthy habits and enhance your health. The commitment to caring for a dog is enormous, while having them can bring many health benefits that will reflect in your own well-being. Therefore, your four-legged friend is a life savior.

Not just a best friend but your personalized health advocate!

Dr. K.A.H.L. Fernando
MBBS(SL) MBA (Healthcare Administration)
APG Dip. Pharmaceutical Medicine (Ind/SG)
Head of wellness and clinical services
Kings Hospital Colombo


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